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Looking for online English teachers in UK
Looking for online English teachers in UK
Looking for online English teachers in UK



Barons English is located in the UK and was established to provide British-style tutoring to students from Far East Asia through online lessons.


Currently we use Skype to connect with our students and aim to provide high quality tuition.


Students can be Korean, Japanese or Chinese geographically and belong to four different categories - college students, business men/women, children and general people.





Our mission is to employ native English teachers who provide the highest quality language tuition, along with helping students to build their confidence using the language in real life situations.

Our Teachers  

Our teachers possess a willingness to help students improve their English communication skills and have a friendly manner with all age groups, genders and levels.  We share an empathy with our students and understand their needs. 

When can I teach English?
If you have the skills and experience, why not join our team? As a freelance teacher, you do not have to commit to regular lessons. You provide us with a schedule for the hours you are available to work, and our students then select a mutually suitable lesson time.  


Where can I teach English?
You can conduct your lessons anywhere that you have access to a high speed internet connection through your computer or smartphone and a quiet place to teach.
How can I teach English?
You provide one-to-one lessons via Skype to students in South Korea, Japan and China. We can provide categories and topics to facilitate your lessons.
How will I be paid?
Payment will be wired to your bank account or PayPal account at the every 1st day of month for your lessons. 
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